The Potted Desert View

The Potted Desert View
This blog is for you, the native or transplanted desert dweller. Our harsh and varied desert climates continually present a challenge for gardeners. Those of you who have moved from a colder climate such as the mid-west or New England, you have most likely tried to find container gardening information that tells you how to grow the kind of garden like you had 'back home.'

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rose Care for April

Spring is in the air and I receive a lot of questions on rose care. So let’s focus on rose care for April.

Now is the time to begin a proper fertilization schedule, and at each step be sure to water well the night before fertilizing:

  1. For the first week use an organic fertilizer, scratch into the earth and water.
  2. Two weeks later, use a water soluble fertilizer.
  3. Use a fish emulsion once per month to help get microorganisms growing.

And remember, if you have newly planted roses, DO NOT fertilize, until after their first bloom!

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