The Potted Desert View

The Potted Desert View
This blog is for you, the native or transplanted desert dweller. Our harsh and varied desert climates continually present a challenge for gardeners. Those of you who have moved from a colder climate such as the mid-west or New England, you have most likely tried to find container gardening information that tells you how to grow the kind of garden like you had 'back home.'

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Friday, June 3, 2011

But it’s a dry heat

Tucson is dry – that we know. You can create a little more humidity for your potted gardens by grouping them together, especially where they are in the shade or at least afternoon shade. Damp soil and healthy foliage can provide a more comfortable environment for both you and your plants. My shady side of the house, which is filled with pots runs about 10 degrees cooler than the sunny side. That is a huge difference. So when planning pots, include clusters for aesthetic reasons as well as creating that little bit of humidity.

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