The Potted Desert View

The Potted Desert View
This blog is for you, the native or transplanted desert dweller. Our harsh and varied desert climates continually present a challenge for gardeners. Those of you who have moved from a colder climate such as the mid-west or New England, you have most likely tried to find container gardening information that tells you how to grow the kind of garden like you had 'back home.'

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Monday, November 7, 2011

November Potted Garden Tips

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In the meantime, here are Novembers tips:

Our Yard of Winter Flowers - ready to go out to our clients!
It is definitely time to plant your winter annuals. Have fun with different textures and colors! Remember not to combine too many colors in one pot.

Keep watering your pots. When you plant new flowers, be sure you do not let those tender new roots dry out.

Roses in November (adapted from the Rose Society of Tucson)

We hope you are enjoying your fall blooms!

Water - if you do not have any annuals in your pots with your roses, you should water every other day.


  • Continue your water soluble fertilizer, until the fall shows are over.
  • Toward the end of November, you no longer want to encourage new growth.
  • Let your roses have a brief rest period for the winter.

  • Keep a watchful eye for powdery mildew. As the nighttime temperatures cool off, the conditions are right for this fungus.
  • At the first signs of mildew on your roses, spray with a fungicide such as Funginex.
  • Unless you have a mildew problem, you should not need to spray.

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