The Potted Desert View

The Potted Desert View
This blog is for you, the native or transplanted desert dweller. Our harsh and varied desert climates continually present a challenge for gardeners. Those of you who have moved from a colder climate such as the mid-west or New England, you have most likely tried to find container gardening information that tells you how to grow the kind of garden like you had 'back home.'

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Save Money – Get your questions answered before the dead plant has to go into the compost heap!

Well – the sale is over and a good one too! We probably gave out twice as many answers to questions as plants we sold! I overheard Catherine telling some of our customers that they can always email or call us with questions – and that is what I want you to remember. IF you are not sure – email me your questions. If we don’t have the answers we can help you get them but we often will help you from tossing your money into the compost heap.

Have a great holiday weekend Happy Memorial Day – let’s take a moment to remember all that have served our country and continue to keep us safe and free.

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